Selkirk School of Alchemy offers unique experiential workshops exploring personal and collective transformation through engagement with the sacred in nature and our Selves.

Located in the northern panhandle of Idaho, Selkirk School of Alchemy is a mystery school founded to facilitate distinctive local learning opportunities, bring inspired teachers to North Idaho for innovative and unique courses, and create community among local individuals who are both curious and passionate about spirituality, nature, and healing.

Honoring the mystical wild places and breathtaking nature surrounding Sandpoint, Selkirk School of Alchemy is a place where people come together in sacred space for learning, sharing, and discovery.


Our name celebrates the mighty Selkirk mountains that span Northern Idaho and take their name in turn from the Scottish surname Selkirk. The Selkirk surname has its roots in the Middle English words of sele or sale (meaning "hall") and kirk (meaning "church").


Selkirk School of Alchemy is a purpose-driven gathering place for students eager to learn and grow together through a hub offering exciting, innovative workshops celebrating sacred relationship with nature and empowering growth and healing.