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Co-Founder & Resident Teacher

Kendall’s journey with aromatic and medicinal plants began in earnest when her job at a nursery inspired her to create her own garden paradise on her woodland property in North Idaho. As she surrounded herself with more and more plants in her garden sanctuaries, Kendall deepened her knowledge with studies in basic botany and plant ecology. With her learning and experience growing, Kendall started a landscaping business that combined her passion for plants with her artist’s eye and creative nature.

Kendall’s curiosity and lifelong love of beautiful scents inevitably led her further down the plant path into studies in natural perfumery, aromatherapy, and herbalism. She is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and passionate artisan distiller with eight years of distillation experience.


Through her apothecary, Crafted Botanicals, Kendall combines her passion for plants, their essences, their medicine, and their virtues in bespoke aromatic blends and herbal remedies for clients. From her base in Sandpoint, Idaho, she teaches workshops on distillation and natural perfumery, incorporating conservation and sustainability as essential elements of our approach to aromatic plants and our way of life in the future.

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Co-Founder & Resident Teacher

Kristina first fell in love with the magic and medicine of nature from her childhood adventures through the gardens, meadows, woodlands, and hedgerows surrounding her grandmother’s farm in Denmark. Inspired by Denmark’s rich folklore and profoundly impacted by the considerable mark that pagan influence made on Danish culture and tradition, Kristina designed a personalized undergraduate program that allowed her to focus on a combination of women’s studies, liberation theology, and creative spirituality with express emphasis on folklore, mythology, pagan studies, mythology, symbology, and Mother Earth chemistry.

For more than two decades, Kristina brought her skills in training, leadership, and storytelling to efforts in both non-profit environments and large corporate roles before putting her attention to her passions full-time. Since 2012, she has refreshed and deepened her education/experience in aromatherapy, distillation, and aromatic, herbal, and folk medicine, pursued advanced certificates, and participated in multiple teacher trainings. Kristina is proud to be a certified clinical aromatherapist, artisan distiller, trained herbalist, and licensed massage therapist; she is most at home in her kitchen, pantry, greenhouse, gardens, studio, barn, and wild spaces.

Though she engaged herbs, oils, and plants as medicine for most of her life, Kristina’s own most urgent healing, namely that of her soul, wasn’t unlocked until she embraced her most painful wound as her most powerful medicine. Emboldened by the joy of living into her own personal myth, Kristina chose to abandon creating and selling most of her her product line so as to emphasize and empower experiences that set us up as architects of our own sacred story and healing experience. Through her role as visionary, creatrix, transformation coach, leader, and educator at Untamed Alchemy, Kristina facilitates group and 1:1 experiences that empower reclaiming, change, and healing.


You can read her open journal on her blog, The Untamed Alchemist, and hear her voice on her podcast, Fortelling.