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Teacher, Facilitator, Author, Healer & Plant Person

Hosted Teacher for The Alchemy of Menopause and Applied AromaGnosis: Aroma, Trauma & Addiction

In her own words, Cathy says:

I work with aroma to facilitate healing the whole person and have learnt that developing intimacy with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves and learning to be guided by how these parts of us feel is the way to fulfilling our soul’s purpose.  
My passion for working with aromatics for deep, soul healing enabled me to overcome cancer and develop a powerful and transformative modality of coaching and healing with my husband Dr. Florian Birkmayer. Through Aromagnosis, we facilitate workshops and give consultations both in our home in New Mexico, internationally and online, using aromatics, depth psychology, journeying and much more to help people peel away the layers that are keeping them from living their best lives.   
I believe aromatics are a key to accessing our unconscious selves. I am committed to helping others discover the power of aromas for healing mind and emotions and building relationship with those parts of themselves that lie beneath the surface.


Are you ready to take the plunge and discover what is holding you back or are you ready to learn the framework of this powerful modality? Check out our live and online classes and one-to-one consultations.

Cathy is the author of "Aromatic Medicine" and "The Alchemy of Menopause" companion workbook.

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Teacher, Facilitator, Doctor, Addiction Specialist

Hosted Teacher for Applied AromaGnosis: Aroma, Trauma & Addiction

In his own words, Florian says:


My calling is to help people find their soul’s purpose in collaboration with my wife Cathy Skipper. I have found aromatics in the form of essential oils to be powerful allies to heal the relationship between the different parts of ourselves, so that these parts cooperate instead of clashing.  We have developed a unique, unparalleled approach, working in partnership with aromas – the expressions of the plants’ souls.
Through my commitment to my own Wounded Healer’s journey, I share with our clients and students my deep understanding of what it is to be human and find your own personal myth or soul’s purpose.

After a career in mainstream academic psychiatry and addiction treatment, I became frustrated by the overemphasis on pharmaceuticals to cover up symptoms and decided to use my knowledge and experience to help people recover from pharmaceutical medications.

I received my bachelor’s degree in molecular biology at Princeton University, where I learned to question assumptions and discover the hidden gifts of the unseen side of life, the shadow. I received my medical doctorate from Columbia University, which taught me how to think critically about ‘business-as-usual’ medicine and inspired me to become an addiction psychiatrist, since I felt that all physical disease has its origins in imbalances in the psyche, especially trauma, an idea which had been shunned by most of medicine.

We can help you transform life’s challenges, such as traumas, into stepping stones on the path of your personal myth. When you work with us, you learn enduring methods to help live your soul’s purpose.

You can work with us in online and live journeys and consultations through

Selected Publications
“The Role of Aromatherapy in the Treatment of Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders”authored by Dr. Florian Birkmayer, MD and Cathy Skipper for Integrative Addiction and Recovery, edited by Modir & Munuz, Weil Integrative Medicine Library, Oxford University Press, ISBN 9780190275334 (2018).